Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW Feature in Becker's Orthopedic & Spine Review!

Recently, I was contacted by Chicago medical publication Becker's Orthopedic & Spine Reviewan industry-known bimonthly publication offering news and analysis on business and legal issues relating to orthopedic and spine practices.

The editorial staff was seeking top orthopedic and spine surgeons, in order to procure some insight as to whether or not for surgeon-device company relationships in the future. 

I was honored to be featured in this list of thought leaders, and felt even more privileged that an esteemed Midwest publisher contacted me - an orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills!

But to summarize, here is my take on the current state of surgeon relationships with device companies and what might be in store for the future...
"Spine and orthopedic surgeons used to have a much closer relationship with device companies, but because of the potential bias these relationships have changed. There have been several issues in regards to these ongoing relationships, including surgeons who have benefitted from using the implants of companies they have a relationship with. We've seen a lot of these relationships dissipate and it's to protect patients.
I think surgeons and device companies will be able to have legitimate relationships in the future and we will get rid of the illegitimate relationships. Even when the relationship is legitimate, it is the surgeon's responsibility to disclose them publicly. The recent scrutiny on these relationships is great in the sense that it is protecting people. It's cleaning up the whole scenario — there are only a few bad seeds who have led to this problem. The surgeons in legitimate relationships with companies don't have anything to worry about."

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